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Alternate Exams

The Registrar's Office coordinates alternative scheduling of examinations and tests for students with disabilities at the Keele campus, which includes scheduling space and invigilation. At Glendon, Student Services coordinates alternative scheduling. University policies and procedures, including Faculty petitions processes and Senate Policies on Academic Honesty and Invigilation of Examinations, are observed.

In all cases, students requiring alternative arrangements for exams and tests should be registered with a Disabilities Services Office and assessed as requiring this form of accommodation before accessing the alternative scheduling services.

a) Scheduling of Alternate Exams and Tests

Once a request for alternative scheduling of exams or tests is received from the student, the Registrar's Office will contact the course director and/or department to confirm the test details. Questions regarding the nature of accommodations should be directed to the student and/or relevant Disabilities Services Office as the Registrar's Office is not involved in determining appropriate accommodation. Once the booking is made, confirmation is forwarded to the student and course instructor/department. Wherever possible, examinations and tests will be scheduled over the same time period as the course.

If possible, the instructor or a designate may visit the alternate testing site or provide the invigilator with contact information should questions arise. In this way, if students require any additional clarification, their needs will be addressed appropriately.

b) Exam and Test Materials

Course instructors should email or hand deliver exams and tests to the Registrar's Office at least three working days before the scheduled exam or test date.  The Registrar's Office prepares exam and test materials for the exam or test session, including materials in alternate format for use with assistive software.

Completed exams and test materials, including rough notes, are collected by the invigilator for delivery to the course instructor.

c) Missed Examinations and Tests

If a student does not show up or cancels their alternative exam or test, they should contact the course instructor directly for written approval in order for the Registrar's Office to reschedule. If there is a medical reason for the absence related to the student's disability, then the student can request that their Disability Services Office note relevant information for the course instructor when required. The process for approval or academic review, should circumstances warrant, will follow the existing policies and procedures for deferred standing, Faculty petitions and grades reappraisal.

For further information about Alternate Exam and Test Scheduling, including request forms, student guidelines and responsibilities and policies and procedures, see or contact the Registrar's Office (ext. 55500, At Glendon, contact the Student Services (C115 York Hall, ext. 88179).


Updated on October 25th, 2013.