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List of Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  Why am I receiving a Letter of Accommodation and what am I expected to do with it? 

2.  When will I receive Letters of Accommodation from my students?

3.  What are the guidelines that I should use for giving extensions for assignments?

4.  How many extensions/deferrals are reasonable for the same assignment/test ?    

5.  Who is responsible for making the arrangements for students to write their exams in the Alternate Exam Centre? 

6.  How should I respond to requests for a make-up exam? 

7.  How do I deal with requests for memory aids?

8.  How do I support students who might behaving in ways which I feel might be disruptive/inappropriate? 

9.  How can I maintain the confidentiality of students while making individualized arrangements for them?

10.  How do I deal with requests for alternate format material? 

11.  How does the accommodation stating the need for note-taking/laptop use/audio recording work/get implemented in my class? 

12.  How should I respond to a student’s need for flexibility with class attendance?

13.  When should I contact the student’s disability counselor?

Updated on January 24th, 2013.